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Release Date: February 01, 2014


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##from Vita Brown’s “Exhaustion”

An exhale of breath vibrates the vocal cords, pushing past these minuscle shapes, issuing forth a sound, not yet completed into recognizable speech.

Time to regroup, rethink, reconnect connections lost in these milliseconds of verbalization. But any moment of potential genius has already trickled though the fractured psyche. Like two clasped hands cupping water, struggling unsuccessfully to keep it together.

The need to let go, leave the flood gates open, give in to unsequential thought, is nearly impossible to stave off.

Also in this issue…

  1. Amanda Aki
  2. BREE
  3. Steve Brightman
  4. Vita Brown
  5. Miles Budimir
  6. Lauren Cannavino
  7. Mark Cronin
  8. Robert Darkmatter
  9. Charles Evans
  10. Zach Fishel
  11. GORK (photography)
  12. Maggie Halm
  13. Holly Jensen
  14. Elizabeth Kenney
  15. jt ketterer
  16. Ashley Kollar
  17. Erin Kray
  18. Brandon Lichtinger
  19. Karen Lillis
  20. Jim Mason
  21. Joshua McDermott
  22. Shawn Mishak
  23. Tom Nomad
  24. Ryan Pearl
  25. Marlee Pickles (cover)
  26. James Evans Remick II
  27. Isabel Rodriguez
  28. Rob Rosin
  29. Krystal Sierra
  30. Steven B. Smith
  31. Vera Smith
  32. Barton Smock
  33. Kate Sopko
  34. Darius Stubbs
  35. Mandy Szostek
  36. Shepard Weita