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Release Date: April 01, 2015

##from Holly Jensen’s “Jean Dark”

Backstage is the barrack before the battle, her hallmark a bitemark, my chignon a handle. Church had taught her how to sing, she grew the growl herself somewhere in the space between Him, the hymnal, and the hymn. Her pretty, gritty fluff tore in the wind, half cotton candy, half callous, cuff and collar. Like a goldfish, I grew to fit the walls of her gaze. She pierced her ears to please the earrings I bought her as charms for storming the stage. I memorized the caress of love as it slithered through my fingers like the feedback coda of her screamed psalms. One day I’ll know how to read people’s minds, but for now I’ll settle for their palms. ### Also in this issue… 1. Zane Brain 2. Ray McNiece 3. Holly Jensen 4. A.D. Winans 5. anggo genorga 6. Michelle R. Smith 7. Robert Morrison 8. Steve B. Smith 9. William Doreski 10. Lady 11. Rena Medow 12. Joel Allegretti 13. Jessica Murray 14. Marisa Moks-Unger 15. Patrick J. Salem 16. Grant Bailie 17. Ruby Katz 18. Julia Rose Lewis 19. Doug Mathewson 20. Josh Adler 21. Emily Bednarz 22. Shelley Chernin 23. Chuck Joy 24. Amy Foster Myer 25. Russel Vidrick 26. Joe Johnston 27. Zach Germaniuk 28. Ryan Pearl 29. Marlee Pickles (cover) 30. Tara Bess Balsam (art) 31. Francios Fissi Bissi OkraKongo (photography)