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Release Date: July 10, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9965460-8-9

# pages: 108

By RA Washington



Too many lives have been lost for the same cycles of violence to be cause. Have we not learned anything about our collective lack of humanity? And how many black bodies will it take for us to understand? This a country of murderers. Surely we can do something about it. So many of us want to, but we are paralyzed by disbelief, we are so concerned that what we will do, say - will put us on the wrong side of history. Will put us in the grave. We never consider that when one of us dies unjustly, we all die. We do not understand the tether that makes us sentient.

Written in the form of the extended essay, Washington reflects on the lasting effects of this country’s tragically violent history and how this history frames our growing up. Considered a continuation of themes from recent work, FIRE THIS TIME is a homage to the late James Baldwin, and a love letter to all of us.