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Release Date: November 16, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9981104

# pages: 191

Dimensions: 4.5x7

By RA Washington

“So he is drawing me true. Even with all his intents, I will tell this. I will choose when to lie, and when to know, and when to let. It will be my choice, and it will not boom out to mean some higher truth, I am a woman, and there were women before any of this. The Before, Before hinted in the nook of secrets, in the passed on histories of mankind, the thinking animal is always more deadly. But there is a wolf in whispering,” so begins RA Washington’s new novel FOUR INTERIORS.

A coming of age novel, an indictment of violence against women, and a winking nod to the simple fact that male writers cannot effectively write a woman protagonist. This is the story of Anna and RA fighting to tell her story.

RA Washington is the author of 28 books, most recently BODY and FIRE THIS TIME (GTK Press, 2015). He is also the founder/ owner of Guide to Kulchur: Text, Art & News. He lives on Cleveland’s west side with a bunch of awkward punks.