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Release Date: October 21, 2015


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from Tatiana Ryckman’s

“Where You’re From”

You can tell that woman is from the Midwest. Her shoulders, hunched from all the weight of the grey sky just scream “Ohio.” She peers out from under dyed, thinning hair with a smile that can only come from years of waking up in a dirty industrial town with no industry.

She waves enthusiastically and her eyes light up when she sees you because she’s used to people being the only thing to look forward to. She hasn’t been down here long enough to know that the people come in quantity, not quality, and the weather will always be better than her friends.

That woman’s name must be something like Sarah or Martha or Jane. Something Puritan, something like a settler, like a wagon and overalls, like a pinwheel in a green lawn for only three months out of the year.

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