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Guide to Kulchur was opened in 2013 as a literary arts center and makerspace. The organization has hosted authors, musicians, poets, artists, and speakers from all walks of life across all its years of operation. 

The priorities of the organization have evolved from simply running a bookstore to now actively creating pathways to provide literature, art, and media to underserved communities, removing barriers to the arts for all community members, and assisting in the vocalization and publication of marginalized voices in the community. Now a non-profit organization, Guide to Kulchur is focused on building platforms for cultural dialog that serve all of our neighbors equitably.  

The cultural and communal programming offered by Guide to Kulchur has coalesced into the Learn House. The Guide to Kulchur Learn House will facilitate the amplification of marginalized voices, provide access to literary resources for underserved communities, and break down barriers to participation in social discourse.