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Release Date: August 24, 2015

ISBN: 95-34200-2575

# pages: 125

Dimensions: 5in by 6in

By RA Washington

##Hydeout Press + GTK Press are proud to announce “Night in a Fair Republic” by RA Washington, illustrated by Benji Diaz.

  • from the poem, Letter To Lucien (from James) > I thought of myself a mentor now it is clear that you carried me village to village, children cooing - “Noire, Petite noire!” Even a you loved women even as I fell aside alleys as my fame rested, looming over your brilliant face even as Malcolm rose Martin swelled and white becomes scorn negro tilled himself black I loved you. even as Betty screamed, and Jesse witnessed a King’s head explode concrete.
 as Rufus jumped Bridge Cleaver rallied hate I loved you. Forty year run last night of me, this physical plane so shifting before going home on the last train it’s your blue eyes that hold me my lips cracking as I call your name.