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Release Date: June 12, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9965460-4-1

Dimensions: 5x6

By Sean Thomas Dougherty

“The poems include very recent work and some work that stretches back ten years. As I was looking over the poems I started to see relationships, some things simple as the rain as a repeating motif, and many voices: my friend who had fought in the Iraq war, another friend who nearly drank himself to death, elegies for friends and neighborhood kids gunned down in our American streets. But the big think is I noticed almost all the poems have to deal with some political aspect of disenfranchisement, of othering and collision of social forces from my life in working class cities, from Syracuse to Erie, to Cleveland and back to Erire, and in the working class Balkan city of Skopje, Macedonia. Though this is a small collection, it may be my most directly political. But then, these are times that call for us to speak, and to speak loudly against a machinery that kills us down in the streets.” –Sean Thomas Dougherty